Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada – Ministerial Briefing Books

These Ministerial briefing books were prepared for the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada sworn in on November 4, 2015.

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In the electronic copy, some sections of these materials have been redacted based on the Access to Information Act. Redacted sections are indicated with a "+" and the following accompanying statement: "Certain passages were redacted in accordance with the Access to Information Act." Some materials deemed to be protected under the Government of Canada Policy on Security are not currently available. To request these materials, please submit a Request for Information via our departmental Access to Information and Privacy Services.

Table of contents

November 2015

Who we are

  • Overview
    • How the Federal Government Works
    • Overview of the Agriculture and Agri-Food Sector
    • Overview of the Department
  • Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
    • Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Mandate and Legislative Authorities
    • Departmental Organizational Chart
    • Senior Management Biographies
    • Financial Overview of the Department
    • Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Locations
    • Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Research Centres
    • Human Resources Overview of the Department
  • Portfolio and Partner Organization Profile
    • Agriculture and Agri-Food Portfolio Organizations
    • Collaboration and Governance with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency
  • Intergovernmental and Industry Relations
    • Federal/Provincial/Territorial Relations
    • Key Issues by Province
    • Overview of Industry Stakeholder Relations
    • Value Chain Roundtables
  • Parliamentary Relations
    • Parliamentary Committees on Agriculture
    • Other Parliamentary Committees
  • International Relations
    • Multilateral Agricultural Institutions

What we do

  • Programs
    • Growing Forward 2 Strategic Overview
      • AgriMarketing
      • AgriInnovation
      • AgriCompetitiveness
    • Business Risk Management
      • AgriRisk
      • AgriInvest
      • AgriStability
      • AgriInsurance
      • AgriRecovery
    • Agricultural Marketing Programs Act
    • Canadian Agricultural Loans Act
    • Canadian Agricultural Adaptation Program
    • Churchill Port Utilization Program
    • Career Focus Program
    • Agricultural Greenhouse Gases Program
    • Farm Debt Mediation Service
  • Science
    • Science and Innovation Overview
      • Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Science and Technology Priorities
    • Drought Watch
    • Pest Management Centre
    • Geospatial Projects and Services
  • Trade
    • Regional, Bilateral and Multilateral Trade Activities
    • Market Access
    • Market Development
    • Agriculture and Food Trade Commissioner Service
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