Service Standards at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Service standards play a vital role in our Department's planning, reporting and performance management. They clearly define the level of service that clients can expect under normal circumstances. By meeting our service standards, we show that we are respectful of the needs of taxpayers and benefit recipients. We publish service standards to the public to highlight our commitment to:

  • transparent management
  • accountability for results, and
  • public-centered service delivery

Performance against service standards will be tracked and the results will be made available to clients on a quarterly and yearly basis. Our goal is to achieve our service standards a minimum of 80% of the time under normal circumstances.

These performance reports will be used by the Department to identify:

  • trends in service performance
  • strengths, and
  • areas that need to be improved

For more information about service standards, please email us at

Service standards results


Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Service Standards Annual Report: Fiscal Year 2016-2017


Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Service Standards - Quarterly Results

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